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What makes ascendant different?

Ascendant takes its dedication to serving individual students very seriously. To ensure each client receives ample attention from a counselor or instructor, we take a limited number of students each season. At Ascendant, we strive to make students feel fully supported and customize our packages to fit your needs.

do i really need a private consultant if i have a high school counselor?

While your school counselor is likely well-informed and an excellent resource for information, the ratio of student to counselor at most high schools is near 300:1. Maximizing your chances of admission requires regular check-ins, a high degree of personal connection with your counselor, and 1-on-1 attention that most high school counselors simply don't have time to give. Working with an Ascendant consultant guarantees that you'll get personalized service and submit a stronger application.



When is the best time to start admissions consulting?

Admissions committees read your application as a story that spans freshman fall through senior year. In an ideal situation, we can work with students to build their profile and coursework from ninth grade through college decision day. But it's never too late to start. Many students work with Ascendant during just their senior year in order to develop a college list and craft effective, memorable essays. 

I'm a strong writer. do i really need help with my essays?

The college application essay is an art. It combines stylistic prowess with strategy, and natural writers can't fake the latter. Ascendant knows what explicit content and implicit traits colleges are looking for, and given the weight of personal statements and supplement essays in the admissions process, flying solo is a risk even the most confident writers should not take.