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Why Ascendant?

We offer highly personalized admissions counseling, tutoring, and essay coaching to give students the tools they need to reach their goals. Our approach combines expert advice, experienced instruction, and extensive communication to keep students motivated and ensure accessibility.


Admissions Counseling

College and graduate school admissions have never been more competitive. Ascendant advises students on college lists, course selection, summer plans, admissions strategy, testing, extracurricular activities, and projects to make them stand out. 


Academic Support

Ascendant believes in preparing students for long-term success. With customized curriculum, we develop the high-level writing and reading skills students need to maintain competitive grades in high school and keep up in a college classroom.


Essay Coaching

For today's applicants, the college essay is paramount: it can make or break offers of admission. Whether you need help brainstorming, drafting, or perfecting your essays, Ascendant can bring out your best.


What's your goal?

Let's achieve it. Whether you're aiming for an A on your final or a spot at your dream school, Ascendant is here to help.


Elizabeth was extremely helpful throughout the writing process— from drafting and revising to finalizing. With her, I felt like I had found my voice. Ultimately, I had written a college essay I was genuinely proud of, and for that, I am always grateful.

— Ben R. (Princeton 2021)


Real Results

Students and families choose Ascendant for our dedicated, accessible consultants and tutors. See what our former students have to say.